Sergei Ipatov (S.I. Ipatov). Сергей Иванович Ипатов

File with my CV (cv-ipatov.doc):!1027&parId=C67D93A65F0A2A17!127&app=Word

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File with a list of my publications (most of them can be downloaded):   or!1953&parId=C67D93A65F0A2A17!127&app=Word  (a Word file)

Список моих публикаций (большинство из них можно загрузить):!1029&parId=C67D93A65F0A2A17!127&authkey=!AiJzvmfr95lSZO4&app=Word  (a Word file)

Selected publications (may not updated regularly):!1036&parId=C67D93A65F0A2A17!127&app=Word


Scientific interests (Научные интересы):!144&parId=C67D93A65F0A2A17!127&app=Word

You can also read some other information about me and my work on!1055&parId=C67D93A65F0A2A17!127&app=Word

The link to the album with about 2000 my photos made during different years:  or (with the same files) , a few my photos are in photogallery (the upper menu)

Photos made during conferences (including photos of surroundings), at institutions, and in other places, including friends and relatives (выход на десятки различных альбомов с фотографиями):!10134&parId=C67D93A65F0A2A17!127&authkey=!AiJzvmfr95lSZO4&app=Word


Lists of my publications at different websites:

WoS Researcher ID:  O-2302-2014"ipatov%2C%20s.")&sort=date%20desc%2C%20bibcode%20desc&p_=0   – the list of 8 minor planets discovered by S. I. Ipatov   – the list of 5 minor planets discovered by S. I. Ipatov that got names - asteroid 14360 IpatovПремия_имени_Ф._А._Бредихина - the list of scientists awarded with F.A. Bredikhin prize in astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences  - abstracts of astronomical papers!3258&parId=C67D93A65F0A2A17!127&app=Word - links to several websites

Codes for removal of cosmic ray signatures:!1965&parId=C67D93A65F0A2A17!127&app=Word

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