Sergei Ipatov (S.I. Ipatov). Сергей Иванович Ипатов

File with my CV (cv-ipatov.doc):!1027&parId=C67D93A65F0A2A17!127&app=Word

wikiИпатов,_Сергей_Ивановичĉ_Ipatov (including references to wikipedia in different languages)


File with a list of my publications (most of them can be downloaded):   or!1953&parId=C67D93A65F0A2A17!127&app=Word  (a Word file)

Список моих публикаций (большинство из них можно загрузить):!1029&parId=C67D93A65F0A2A17!127&authkey=!AiJzvmfr95lSZO4&app=Word  (a Word file)

Selected publications (may not updated regularly):!1036&parId=C67D93A65F0A2A17!127&app=Word


Scientific interests (Научные интересы):!144&parId=C67D93A65F0A2A17!127&app=Word

You can also read some other information about me and my work on!1055&parId=C67D93A65F0A2A17!127&app=Word

The link to the album with about 2000 my photos made during different years:  or (with the same files)

Photos made during conferences (including photos of surroundings), at institutions, and in other places, including friends and relatives (выход на десятки различных альбомов с фотографиями):!10134&parId=C67D93A65F0A2A17!127&authkey=!AiJzvmfr95lSZO4&app=Word


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WoS Researcher ID:  O-2302-2014"ipatov%2C%20s.")&sort=date%20desc%2C%20bibcode%20desc&p_=0   – the list of 8 minor planets discovered by S. I. Ipatov   – the list of 4 minor planets discovered by S. I. Ipatov that got names - asteroid 14360 IpatovПремия_имени_Ф._А._Бредихина - the list of scientists awarded with F.A. Bredikhin prize in astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences  - abstracts of astronomical papers!3258&parId=C67D93A65F0A2A17!127&app=Word - links to several websites

Codes for removal of cosmic ray signatures:!1965&parId=C67D93A65F0A2A17!127&app=Word

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